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Cold Aisle Containment
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Cold Aisle Containment
  • Cold Aisle Containment
Name: Cold Aisle Containment
Description: Ideal for retrofits and small physical footprint
requirements, this solution confines the cold air
supply to an entirely closed off area targeted at
cooling IT equipment instead of the room.

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Aisle Containment Solutions by FINEN use a total design approach that optimizes cooling efficiencies for data centers of all sizes and needs. Reaching the full potential of these efficiencies requires a comprehensive strategy that integrates airflowcontainment with the facility and related infrastructure. Rather than leave these variables to chance, FINEN recommends that customers maximize their performance with FINEN Aisle Containment Services, an invaluable partner during any aisle containment installation.

Containing a data centers airflow is a sound cost-savings investment,especially when correctly installed as a total thermal solution. Data centers can virtually utilize 100% of supplied air, increase heat densities and allow more free cooling hours. The real challenge is ensuring that unique variables are properly addressed by an experienced team that can deliver dramatically lower operating costs. Without this attention to detail, Aisle Containments benefits may not be fully realized. FINEN approaches that need on two key levels, which begins with a Pre-Installation Site Survey and continues with On-Site Installation Supervision Support.

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