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What's the Differences of These Various Types of Racks?

Comparison of Different Types of Racks:

Fully Enclosed Rack Cabinets

Fully enclosed racks are the most common rack type available. They offer security due to the lockable doors and side

panels. The front and rear door are perforated to allow airflow in the front and out the back. Inside the rack are four

uprights for mounting 19 rack equipment. These racks are commonly available in sizes from 18U up to 47U.

Open Frame Rack Cabinets

Open frame racks are similar to fully enclosed racks without the doors and sides. They are significantly less expensive,

provide excellent cooling, and are easier to wire and maintain. Open frame racks are often available unassembled,

significantly reducing shipping costs compared to fully enclosed and assembled racks.

Transportable Rack Cabinets

Transportable racks refers to a class of small racks designed to be transported full of equipment. These are available in

lower cost models designed for offices and minimal transport. Transportable racks are also available in a more military

format with internal shock isolators, airtight covers, and tough non-metallic outer shells.

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